Meet The Contestants

Get to know the contestants! Clicking this video allows you to play all 12 of the contestants’ “Get to Know You” videos, one right after the other, without stopping.

To see the 12 contestants talking about Challenge 1, click here
To see the judging of Challenge 1, click here
To see the contestants talking about Challenge 2, click here

The 12 “Official Swatchers”
Jennette Cross
Ravelry: doviejay
Austin, TX
Jodie Gordon Lucas
Ravelry: jodiemom
Athens, OH
Rachel Henry
Ravelry: remcat
Tewksbury, MA
Talitha Kuomi
Ravelry: talithakuomi
East Bridgewater, MA
Natalie Larson
Ravelry: nlarson
Las Vegas, NV
Steve May
Ravelry: stevemay
Brooklyn, NY
Meghan Navoy
Ravelry: mnavoy
New York, NY
Tracy Purtscher
Ravelry: TracyGP
Bradford, IL
John Ravet
Ravelry: Jmpr01
Des Moines, IA
Katie Rempe
Ravelry: KaterTater
Bradenton, FL
Lauren Riker
Ravelry: girlyknits
New York, NY
Terri Rosenthal
Ravelry: TerriofCarasan
Purcellville, VA

Some of the contestants who applied to be in The Fiber Factor are shown in this video!

32 thoughts on “Meet The Contestants

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  2. Hey all, my grandma asked me to post this comment on my video. She didn’t know I was going to give her a “shout out”–and just watched it for the first time:

    Hi Jodie,
    You brought tears to my eyes when you recognized what I have meant to you. I feel very humble, and would like for you to place a comment for me .How happy you made me especially before seeing my cancer doctor and getting a progress report.

  3. Please follow us on our forum pages… Look forward to seeing what everyone is making! Have fun knitting and please watch while we swatch!

  4. Well we are all getting to know each other as well. Turns out my son is a friend of Jennet Cross’s husband and they went to the same school as my kids. What a small world. Well we all are getting rest as the “fun starts tomorrow. Can’t wait to see what we all do. Have fun and just knit! Please Watch as we Swatch.

  5. Congratulations to all the finalists. Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with. Good luck to all!

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  7. Well, it looks like there is a really great group of designers and I am so happy to be one of them that was picked for this exciting new contest! So let the games begin and lets swatch!

  8. Wow!!!! This looks amazing. If it goes well you might think about bringing it to Australia as well. Nevermind for now……..;(

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