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  1. How disappointing. What an unexpected and crazy finish. I wouldn’t have thought the final would have been a designer with one of the least creative and least diverse collections. It ended that Skacel played it safe….and boring.

  2. Terri Rosenthal….you absolutely outdid yourself on the final challenge!!! Amazingly beautiful collection and so much more completed than anyone else. I don’t know how you do it! Love love love the color choice. Wish I could knit like you. I can’t so make me something! :)

      • I too loved all your designs and thought all along that you were the designer for me! Looking forward to seeing more from you in the future!

        • Hi Cat…Thanks. I have a few new designs coming out right now and knit kits. You can find out more by following me on my facebook page and patterns coming to my Ravelry page. http://www.ravelry.com/people/terriofcarasan

          If you liked my town and country design, I have a cowl pattern that I will be posting there soon. The pattern will be a free down load.

          I look forward to hearing from you there and on Facebook.

          Have a great knit day,

  3. How can you deny the originality of Jodies design in challenge 6? I love it, very unique and would love to make it. You could sell it as a kit and I would be first on the list for it. I am having a hard time finding the jul line, any suggestions?

  4. Finally had a change to watch all of the judging for challenge 6. I love love love Jodies bag, I would love to make one. I really like them all, such talented designers and I would make all the bag.

    • thank you, diane. i was really very happy with the way that ‘omega’ came out i the end. mostly, i loved seeing how each of us expressed ourselves in such vastly different ways.

  5. Honestly I don’t know how they narrowed it down. I am amazed at how they all came out. Beautiful work all. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

  6. OMG…Everyone’s designs are amazing! I know only one person won…and I have no idea who that may be as of yet, but to me we are all winners!
    Incredible designs!

    • Terri I loved yours. Thought you should have won. The shorts were amazing even though we didn’t get to see them much. How you got them to fit perfectly is beyond me! I adore the neck piece. Amazing!!!!

      • Thanks, and if you go to my forum page for this challenge there are more images of those shorts. They fit well because I loved making them..and the model has a great body!

    • If you look on the PATTERNS page it explains what patterns are currently available, which are being worked on, and why it takes a while to release the patterns.
      There is no definite time frame for the Challenge 3 patterns, though Owl In One will be released first, and it should be released in the next couple of weeks.

  7. I absolutely loved the winning design. I showed the photos of the sweater cape to my 21 year old daughter and she commented that it was “really cool” and “I would love to wear that!”. To me that is a sign that the designer brought her A game to the contest. Many of the other designs were also quite nice and attractive but I think the cape was really in a class of its own. Congrats to all the contestants – their work is amazing!

    • Thank you Cbabis it is sweet of you to say such nice things. I completely agree, I am in the company of some VERY talented people!

  8. The winning piece was my favorite…I cannot wait to make that cape…I am anxious for Skacel to release the pattern…kudo’s on the great job!

    • I understand your feelings, but just so everyone is clear – the judges were asked to judge the designs based on 4 factors, which were all weighted evenly. The four factors were 1) Creativity, 2) Workmanship, 3) Sellability and 4) The Photography.

  9. Yea!! When will the Challenge 3 winner’s pattern be available?? Can you tell that I am impatient to cast on?? Please post the number of skeins needed so I can go ahead and order my yarn. Thank you!!

    • The pattern will be available soon. We don’t require finished patterns from the contestants, only notes. So an estimate of yarn requirements for the winning design is between 15 and 20 balls of Kenzie depending on size.

  10. Jodie – I just realized you have different trims on this sweater – it’s the thing I love about your patterns – get one and you can make more! Can’t wait for this pattern to be released!

    • We wanted the contestants to understand the importance of selecting the best main photograph…Sometimes all you get is one shot to grab someone’s attention and make them want to knit the design!

    • very! I’m having a great time seeing the progression and development of not just each of the designs but also their designers over the course of the show.

  11. I did not see this contest on time for me to vote, but I have to say that I am impressed by what you did John Ravet!!!! And no matter if you win or not, I would looooove to do this cardigan-vest. Would you release the pattern? Also, what is your ravelry name?

    • Sincere thanks, Michelle!

      I’m thankful that all 12 pics are available for each of the entries.

      Skacel has exclusive rights to all patterns from The Fiber Factor for a period of 18 months following the end of the entire competition.

      Please check here regularly for Patterns (right under TFF logo). Wonderful designs from Challenge 1 and Challenge 2 are already available!

      My ravelry name: Jmpr01. But I’m rather new to all of this and have no designs pictured or patterns available there…yet. ;~}

  12. Cool Now that we actually get to see the finished products. I love Terri’s, Tracys, Rachel’s Talitha and Johns. I also love Laurens little owls but have no one to make such a cute thing before. I love the detailing on Rachels, They are all so creative and beautiful its a shame you have to pick one winner.

  13. Ok… Sorry, but now that I have seen all of the photos I would not have voted for the one I did had I been able to see them all before voting.

  14. The garment I would most enjoy doing is #8 as this garment can be worn more than one way…this photo gives you that idea…sorry there couldn’t have been more photos shown of the work of these contestants before the voting.
    Looks like a tough choice for the judges once again. These designers do beautiful work and we can certainly see why they were chosen for this contest.

  15. I really loved #8! There were some others that were nice and I would make them, but #8 looks intriguing. There seems to more to it than what we’re seeing. I really wish each of the sweaters could have been seen a group of 3 photos showing different aspects of the garment. The others like the cowl and mittens/hat didn’t need 3 photos. I can’t wait to see the final judging and hopefully we’ll get to see more of each design. Good luck contestants. You’re all very creative!

    • thanks so much. i’m excited for when the rest of the pics are shown and the judging video is released because there are 3 pretty different ways to wear it that couldn’t be shown in 1 or 2 pics.

  16. There are at least three that I would seriously consider knitting. It was hard to choose. In the end I chose #11 because based on the one photo I could see the whole front view of the garment. It was also close enough and clearly focused so I could see the detail and texture of the stitch patterns. It looks like something I would enjoy wearing and be happy to knit.

    • Thanks…I was hoping that you could see the pattern and design in this photo and look I forward to you seeing the back and sides..that have pockets. You don’t need to weave the leather fabric though the eyelets, you can leave it just with the stitch pattern or weave whatever you want to reflect your style.
      BTW: I have graded it for a man’s sweater as my son wants it in charcoal and black leather strips for a Xmas gift.. my daughter wants it in blue with recycled denim strips..
      Thanks again for your support.

      • Yours is gorgeous, Terri, and I like your ideas for your other versions (charcoal w/leather, and blue w/denim). Great job!

  17. This was very difficult! I could have easily voted for #4 and #9 but my first instinct was #5 so that’s how I voted.

  18. I liked them all. But if I had to pick one sweater I loved the most it would be #9. But I love the baby suit too, it is very cute!

  19. I really love design 1 in the current challenge (#3)! While not a current knitter, I love the creativity and design components in the sweater. It is edgy and will capture attention like all true fashion. Sometimes you just need to push the limits. You got my vote!

  20. I thought number 11 was the clear winner. It is very stylish, while maintaining a classic look. In addition, it looks to me as if it could be worn by a man or a woman; quite unique.

    • Thanks for your support! And you are right, it could and will be made for men…I have graded it for a man’s sweater as my son wants it in charcoal and black leather strips for a Xmas gift.. my daughter wants it in blue with recycled denim strips.. It is one of those sweater that can be worn by anyone.
      Thanks again for your support.

  21. Love, love, love # 10! I am biased towards home decor over ladie’s sweaters though :-) but I think the photography was great. I could see nearly the whole of the piece so I knew what I’d be getting into and it’s simple enough for “TV knitting” but also has enough variance to keep me interested. I’d probably choose a cotton-based yarn for such an endeavor though as I wouldn’t want it to develop a halo and would desire machine-wash-ability in such a piece. Although merino, alpaca, and angora would feel fabulous on my feet. :-) Anyway, I’d definitely knit this.

  22. I liked 4 and 6, but I couldn’t even see what no. 4 was exactly. The rest are not attractive to me in any way. That is of course after seeing only one photo and one color [for every single one of the items]. Items I don’t like might grow on me and items I initially liked might lose their attraction so I can’t wait to see more videos!

  23. i voted for #7, it is the best picture to me. As others have said, disappointed in many of the photos and items too

  24. There are definitely a bunch of lovely items here. I voted for #11 because I liked the cardigan, and the photo was clear and showed me enough detail that I felt I knew enough of what was involved in the pattern to make a good decision on whether or not it would be flattering. I really went back and forth between that and #2, which gave great information about shape and pattern, but I was not as engaged as I think I would have been by a modeled shot. #7 was a close runner up, I loved the story of the photo and it presented most of the information I would need to make a decision – for me and my body shape a swing coat/waterfall cardigan arrives a big potential for being lost in the swathes of fabric, so that was a personal style decision. I was also uncertain whether the cowl was part of the pattern set or not – I liked the look of that cowl :-). I really wanted to click on #4, I love the owls, hey are so cute. I think the photo would have served me better if the garment were draped higher on the limb, though, because I could not tell if it was a sweater or a onesie as she had mentioned in her video, so as a solo selling photo I felt it didn’t have sufficient information (though as a cover photo on a site like Ravelry where you have category tags informing you of what type of garment it is, it is good and would certainly get my click-through.) #9 looked like a beautiful cardigan and quite potentially one that I might make or at least buy the pattern for – but not seeing the length and hem treatment meant that, again, as a stand alone photo it did not sell the garment to me.

    • Thanks for your support and I am glad that you like the design.I was hoping that you could see the pattern and design in this photo and look I forward to you seeing the back and sides..that have pockets. You don’t need to weave the leather fabric though the eyelets, you can leave it just with the stitch pattern or weave whatever you want to reflect your style.
      Thanks again!

  25. While all the designs look promising, I was disappointed in the photography. Just can’t see enough of the details to draw me in. Some were better than others but on the whole, disappointing. Is this perhaps just a prelim with more to come? Maybe I missed the intent of this round of pics?

    • I think the point was that the designers were supposed to submit one striking photo that would make people want to knit their garment. So we’re seeing the striking photos, and that’s part of what we’re judging.

  26. I am totally voting for 10! I would knit this bath at tomorrow for my master bath! Maybe even one for in the kitchen …by the back door? I don’t know ..as far as sell ability is concerned, it is the best. Any knitter can knit this without the intimidation of ensuring sizing and finishing. They can complete it quickly, too! Would be a cinch to sell this in our shop! The hardest part would be keeping the yarn in stock!

    • Love #10, also. I can imagine this in my bath or perhaps the kitchen using another fiber! It is a definite knit for me!

  27. Hate to be a downer, but I probably wouldn’t knit any of these. If pressed, I would go with #9, I like the length of the sleeves a lot, and the detail in the front, but honestly I don’t think it would stand out enough for me to go for it if I saw it on, say, Ravelry. I also have some reservations about the picture: the styling with only the top buttons closed is problematic IMO – on first pass I didn’t see that it had buttons all the way down and passed it by for that reason, also, you can’t see if it’s fitted or boxy or if it’s long or short. Actually the pictures/styling is the main problem for several of the other pieces, too – if I can’t really see it, I’m not going to want to buy it – and in the case of #10, styling a delicate wool-mix blanket as a bath rug just seems impractical. IMO, #2 comes out on top if you just go by the picture, it is very clearly a cowl, the fabric and the different textures look beautiful, and the picture and setting has a mood that goes well with (and adds something to) the piece – the problem for me is that I simply don’t like wearing cowls, so I would never consider knitting it.

    • Thank you for your interest! Skacel has exclusive rights to these designs for 18 months after the end of the competition. I’m sure many of us are hoping that these designs are developed into full patterns and made available. ;~}

  28. No, though it is lovely, I wouldn’t knit any of the sweaters other then the Owl sweater (novelty)…. I also like the hat and mittens. My vote goes for #4 Owl Hat and Sweater and I love the picture (albeit I would like to see a little more of the sweater)

  29. I like the owls but that is so the trend now. How long will it last? Number 10 really got to me as it s so different from every one else’s. I can see me knitting it and accessories to match. I love the design of the bath rug also in 10. I can see it as a pattern and sellable because u could make it any size you want.

  30. Toss up between # 1, #7 and 9# for me…design 1 is intriguing but I cant see much of the detail in the photograph so ultimately didnt vote for that one. My best choice was 7 with a second place nominaton for #9…again if 1 had more detail in the photograph it would have been an easier decision. Love all the creativity these designers are showing…it’s been amazing to witness from the sidelines!

    • Hi Lisa, Thanks for your support!
      I was hoping that you could see the pattern and design in this photo and look I forward to you seeing the back and sides..that have pockets. You don’t need to weave the leather fabric though the eyelets, you can leave it just with the stitch pattern or weave whatever you want to reflect your style.
      Everyone did a great job, I am glad that I was not voting.

    • Thanks Caesar for your support.
      BTW, i have graded this pattern as a man’s sweater. My son wants it for Xmas in charcoal with black leather trim.
      Thanks again for your support.

    • I agree with you Dana, but is everyone going to want to make it? Is it going to be the new item that everyone is going to want to knit? If it was just about what I loved, it would be #1. But with it being “The Pattern” that everyone would want to knit, I thought that might be #2 or #10… What do you think?

      • I LOVE all the patterns and am impressed with everybody’s ability to think ‘on the fly’ so to speak. VERY difficult to do. What attracts me to #1 though is the unique and flattering construction. This is a versitile piece that can be dressed up or down. As an artist I’m always on the look out for fresh and ‘out of the box’ ideas. Ideas that make me stop and think, “WOW! Why didn’t I think of that!?” #1 is GENIUS! It WILL sell!

  31. I don’t have grandchildren yet but I know they will all get an owl sweater! This was really hard! I love the first sweater, I love the number 5 sweater. I love them all!

  32. #1 Design looks really fashionable and stylish, but I need to see more of the details, it’s unclear all that’s there. Love the cowl, I think that it’s something that a lot of people are going to want to make, it looks easy enough, it’s beautiful in it’s detailing,Am I’m sure from everyone’s description of Kenzi it will feel wonderful. Design #5 Sweater looks exquisite. For any woman wearing that would feel elegant and lovely in it. The pin in the front is the creme in the coffee. Design #7 Swing Coat type sweater makes me want to explode! I can’t wait to see more of it. Design #10 The Bath Mat! I am living for it! Beautiful!

  33. I really wanted to vote for number 4, cause the owl is so cute, but I just couldn’t see enough of the sweater to be able to vote for it based on the photo. They are all incredible. Great job, contestants!!!

  34. After viewing the videos, I am a little disappointed so many of the designers want to do a “Sweater”. I like the idea of baby clothes. As a male knitter, I want to see patterns that are asexual, and not the same thing that is in most regularly published magazines.

  35. I love all the designs and would be hard pressed to pick one.I am impressed with the skill of each contestant and how in the world do you finish all that knitting so fast. I am currently working on two projects, Rachels shawl and a sweater designed by Jodie.. I wish you all much luck in the contest, I enjoy all the bits and pieces of your design process and I love to see your finished work.

  36. Jodie’s is my favorite, regardless of what the judges thought! I also want Natalie to put out the pattern for hers, so I can knit it. If I were a judge, Rachel’s would have been third…the third one of the bunch I would knit! My favorite color choice and way he combined them was John’s. I would love to make something out of his fabric, just not that shape. Everyone did an amazing job and I hope to see all the patterns get published after the contest.

    • More, more…we want to hear more!! I have no idea who will win as all of our sweaters are wonderful! I would I would wear them all! Lauren and Steve’s in other colors for me…but I would love to have them all!
      Great job….

  37. Terri, absolutely love your Brooklyn inspired piece(s). Looks like its another pattern you need to publish – I’d buy it,(and even knit it rather than just add to my list of ‘to do’s’). It would be really useful in our unseasonably cold/windy/hot within the same day weather at the moment in England -as well as being beautiful..

    • Thanks Linda Boy!
      BTW…you are making me miss the UK! I LOVE those cool wet/cold/windy/hot within the same day..English days! I need to get back over there and look up my cousins! Maybe next year!
      A big influence in my designs comes from my English heritage. You will see sometimes it is girly, but oh so edgy..like London.

  38. OMG – I want to knit Lauren Riker’s TODAY! :) I hope, hope, hope there is a pattern for this!

    (PS I also remembered that Lear’s sons were Conn, Aodh and Fiachra, and I think Fiachra was one of the twins.)

  39. hi lauren, your sweater is darling! so happy! your 2 entries are my favorites, stay true to yourself girl, you’re on the right track!

  40. Katie, I LOVE your sweater. I want it! Will you have the pattern available after the contest? PS I love your videoes. They are so entertaining.

    • Thanks Connie! My sweater pattern will definitely be available after the contest! Keep your eye on my ravelry page!
      Glad you’re liking my videos, I’ve enjoyed making them!

  41. Amazing work everyone! Each designer brings a different perspective and set of strengths to the table. I look forward to watching this contest proceed and seeing each designer continue to hone in on their own unique style.

  42. I LOVE your sweater Rachel! And the shawl your wearing is beautiful, is that one of yours? I’m behind you, keep it up!

  43. Absolutely love it, Lauren. I will be looking forward to the published pattern! Because truly “All You Knit is LoveQ” You’re professional, light, creative, and enthusiastic approach to your creations and presentations is fantastic and much to your credit! Knit On, you’ve got this!

  44. Lauren – it looks awesome so far. When you showed the artist’s work I was afraid, but the knitted product is more subtle and adult, to say the least. I didn’t understand what you said about creating the ombre effect. You spliced the yarn how? It looks gorgeous and I want to try something similar if you could explain it to me a little more.
    Like others, I did not know how much I would eagerly follow this contest. Can’t wait for the judging!

    • Thank you Shari! I was nervous about using rainbow pastels too for fear it would look too juvenile but I think it’s fun (for everyone)! Haha. So I actually just took the yarn and pulled it apart (from 7 down to 4 plies) then did the same for the other color and knitted them held double – of course it would have been easier just to hold them double without halving them but I wanted it to match the weight of the normal yarn so it didn’t get bulky in that area. Hope that makes sense!

      • Ohhhh . . . now I see what you meant. Great idea, but it’s a good thing it wasn’t the whole sweater in ombre. That could get time-consuming. I applaud your ingenuity as well as your aesthetic. Can’t wait to see the whole piece put together. And thanks for the clarification. I will try it myself!

  45. I was really curious to see if this show would work, but I find myself counting down to the judging! I’m so excited to see the final products, especially Rachel’s and Natalie’s.
    Janette, that is not the version of the Children of Lir I learned! Those boys definitely had names, maybe twins called Conn and Aodh? :)

    • Suzie, It is a wrap -crop sweater from a collection I did a few years ago. It went over a hand dyed silk dress I designed. I will write out the pattern and then let you know when i post it. It would be the 1st pattern I ever publish for sale!
      : )

  46. I posted some peeks as to what I am doing. And yes, I am using Simplicity yarn, not Simpli -City…it was all done as a play on words. My Inspiration is Brooklyn, my “city home, away from home” Simpli -my city…: )

    • i am, too. i mean i graphed out what the plan is, but to have the real sweater finished is always different, better, no matter how well i plan. getting closer…

  47. Another part of your life you hadn’t mentioned. Interesting to see how this part will look in color. KJC

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