Challenge 6 – Accessorize!

For this challenge, we want you to Accessorize!!

* You must make an accessory, and for the purpose of this challenge, an accessory is anything that does not have to be sized.
* Use the JUL hardware you were sent as a source of inspiration, and design your piece to really showcase the JUL hardware. However, just because¬†something looks like a purse handle – does not mean it has to be used as a purse handle…be creative when incorporating your JUL hardware!
* Learn more about JUL here: JUL DESIGNS

JUL logo2

 * You must write a pattern for this challenge, and the pattern will be evaluated in the judging for this challenge.

*For this challenge, you can select from any of the yarns that we have used up to this point in the contest, including:

HiKoo Cobasi
HiKoo Kenzie
HiKoo Simplicity
HiKoo Simpliworsted

Schoppel Gradient
Schoppel In-Silk
Schoppel Laceball 100
Schoppel Leinen Los
Schoppel Pur
Schoppel Reggae Ombre
Schoppel Zauberwolle

Schulana Kid Seta
Schulana Milford
Schulana Piumino
Schulana Sumerino

Zitron Filisilk
Zitron Finest Royal Alpaca
Zitron Nimbus
Zitron Nimbu Multi
Zitron Patina
Zitron Unisono Multi
Zitron Unisono Solid

The following Guest Judges will help evaluate the designs:

Nicky Epstein
Designer, Teacher, Author
Nicky Knits
Lily Chin
Designer, Teacher, Author
Lily Chin
Trisha Malcolm
VOGUE Knitting
VOGUE Knitting
Carla Scott
Knit Simple
Knit Simple
Your work will be evaluated by the judges using the following Fiber Factors:
  1. Creativity Factor
  2. Workmanship Factor
  3. Use of JUL Hardware
  4. Pattern
  5. Sellability

The deadline for this challenge is October 24, 2013.
The evaluation and results will be online on or before November 9, 2013.
Happy Swatching!

6 thoughts on “Challenge 6 – Accessorize!

  1. I know the contestants are required to write up their patterns, but will watchers be required to do this as well? This will be my first entry to the watcher’s contest, so I want to make sure I do everything according to the rules!

  2. Today is the 13th of October, I just listened to the JUL pass outs. And the contestants have 11 days from today to make and finish a project. I am not sure when you did this video but I know it wasn’t up on the 10th when I checked in for see if the results were up.
    It will be interesting to see what stamina your contestant display.

  3. what happened to challenge 6 being announced on oct 10? and then the challenge 5 was be up yesterday or sooner too?
    loyal followers….checking in regularly….

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