What is The Fiber Factor™?

The Fiber Factor™ is a knitting design competition being held to find the next great knitwear designing superstar! 

How will you participate?

Will you swatch?  Or will you watch!?

  • New Season and New Rules coming in 2015!
  • Overview and Official Rules will be posted January 2nd!



So…will you SWATCH?  Or will you WATCH?!







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    • Excellent question! We are going to do Knit Alongs throughout 2014 with some of the best designs from this season. We are seriously considering doing another season, starting in 2015. We will keep the fiber factor site updated with information about doing another season. Thanks for watching!

      • Oh, Disappointment, pull your knitting needle out of my expectant heart!
        Seriously though…this was a very enjoyable experience. KAL are fine, but they don’t have nearly the intrigue that the competion had for all of us wanna be designers, swatchers, and watchers! Maybe you should approach PBS or DIY and take your competion to a broader audience? I only stumbled across it when looking for yarn. Will be checking in and hoping to see patterns from all four final contestants….2015 is a long way off….

  1. Congratulations to all the contestants in this fabulous contest. Addictive to follow and fascinating to see the amazing designers Skacel has discovered.

    All four of the finalists have presented intriguing and lovely designs that I want to feel and try on. Looking forward to seeing the struggle the judges have deciding the best of the best. I am leaning to Tracy and John.

  2. Thanks so much for the reply. I saw those pics, but since there weren’t three I thought some pics might not be from the competition. I recognized some of them (like the stained glass one) but I guess my memory didn’t conect some of the others. Again, thanks! Great competition!

  3. Sometimes it’s hard to remember which garments belong to which designers. It would be great if you had a page with the designer name and picture and then pictures of the garments they made for each challenge. Maybe it’s already somewhere, but I couldn’t find it.

    • If you go to the CONTESTANTS tab, and then select a particular contestant, you will see their designs towards the bottom of the page. We need to add Challenge 3 pieces to the gallery, but you can at least see what they did for challenges 1 and 2 in the meantime.

  4. I’m looking forward to seeing the “mysteries” that the contestants have produced under cover of their “misleading ” progress videos!!

    • The winning designs will definitely all be available! And some of the non-winning designs will be turned into patterns as well.

  5. soooo jealous. Excellent idea.Living in Aus. means I can’t enter but I am going to watch with bated breath. :)

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