Challenge 3 Entries

The designs below were created by watchers who were inspired by Blank Slate?

It was very hard for the judges to pick winners from this round of watcher entries, as they were all amazing and creative! But but after much deliberation, the judges chose:
Meghan Brown from Brunswick, Maine for her Victoria dress and
Peg Starbuck from Carlisle, Pennylvania for her sweater!
Congratulations and thank you all for swatching along!

Meghan Brown from Brunswick, Maine

“Right now I’m working on crossing an item off my knitting bucket list by making a Shetland Lace Shawl. This mammoth does not allow me to stray far, so for this challenge I decided to apply the techniques I’m learning to a wearable garment in a more accessible gauge (Kenzie on a size 9 needle mimics the look of cobweb on a 2). True to tradition, this dress has no cast-on or bind-off edge so everything is nice and stretchy. It is simple to make with no waist shaping and easily customized length, but could present a learning opportunity for someone who is interested in Shetland Lace without the big commitment.”
Ravelry: Mirrpond

Peg Starbuck from Carlisle, PA

“I used 12 balls of the Kenzie Hikoo in the colorway “Bayberry”(#1005) to make this sweater. The simple Kimono style pattern is made from rectangles and can be easily graded up or down in size. It has been used in a “first sweater” class with just basic stitches.

I chose to combine knitting and crochet techniques and used over 25 different lace and textural stitches with diagonal lines. It could also be used for a more advanced class in either knitting or crochet (which uses a lot more yarn!).”

Kate Hedstrom from Fairbanks, Alaska

Kate’s Sweater
“I wanted to try a non-traditional shaping and started by working around the body on the diagonal. I used the Estonian braid to highlight the diagonal lines, then added the tiny cables to put something on the other diagonal. The bodice was inspired by the Finnish tablet weaving book Applies and Fox Noses. The dark eggplant yarn is handspun from my mom’s stash – she gave me a giant heap last year.”
Yngvild on Ravelry

Anna Rasinska from Warszawa, Poland

Diamond Sweater
“As I suppose you know from my forum entries we don’t have Kenzie in Poland but I’ve found nice substitute which shows all qualities of this yarn: luxurious feeling when you knit it and wear it, softness and beautiful texture.

I decided to knit reversible raglan sweater using 4,5mm needles and 4 skeins of Alize Cashmira Wool (= 8 Kenzies). It can be wear as cardigan with plunge neckline and lace pattern on the back or open back lacy sweater with round neck. I’ve used mostly knit stitch (sometimes less is more) and lace diamond stich (“girl’s best friend”). I simply love it!”

Susan Dingle from Suwanee, Georgia

“Lineage is a flattering and ultra comfortable sweater. I love the use of vertical lines and continuation of the open crossover ribbing into the body of the sweater. Lineage takes full advantage of Kenzie’s stitch definition and lovely bloom – destined to be a go to piece for the college (and beyond :)) crowd!”
Ravelry: susanknitsalot

Jillian N. from Urbana, IL

Alokananda Beret and Scarf
“Swatching with Kenzie, I fell in love with the stitch definition, so I wanted to showcase that quality in my design. The Alokananda Beret and Scarf set features a cable and seed stitch motif that flows through each design. This motif is easy to memorize, so you can still count these cables as TV knitting! I chose to design accessories as an affordable gateway to Kenzie. Once you knit with it, you’ll start dreaming up bigger projects!”

Sharyn Anhalt from Bozeman MT

Twisted Tracks
“Softness, stitch definition, and loft. I designed this cozy wrap to show off the best qualities of Kenzie. The braided and wrapped cable adds a layer of texture, and repeating the wrapped detail at the edges created a nice neat rolled finish. Wrapping the stitches was accomplished with a simple yarnover. The pleated garter stitch naturally folds when wrapped around the neck, made easily with a slipped stitch. The finished size is 15”x75” and used just 6 skeins of Kenzie.”
Ravelry: Gingersnap

Kathy G. from Renton, WA

Wear the LOVE
“An ideal project to introduce the qualities of KENZIE.

A simple I-cord is knit then hand washed to release the extraordinary bloom and create a blank slate.

It is then woven into a bracelet, to be left blank or to serve as a slate to show your favorite buttons.”

Heidi Gali from Port Townsend, WA

“My son LOVES dinosaurs and he especially likes wearing clothes with dinosaurs so I made him this rustic hooded vest with pockets. This yarn is wonderfully lightweight and cozy with great stitch definition.”
Ravelry: HeidiGali

Joannie Newsome from Sylva, NC

Leif on the Wind
“I love a lightweight shawl for evenings out – something that will give me something to do with my hands when I can’t be knitting, but not something that makes me overheated. This shawl is fun and easy to knit. It would make a good gift because it can be finished quickly! My husband said the blocking shawl looked like a Viking ship, which contributed to its name.”
Ravelry: JMN

Carla Shehan-Sturgis from Duncansville, PA

Neck Snuggler
“Using 3 coordinating colors of Kenzie I used the Cat Bordhi cast on to create a mobieus look and added a crocheted chain in the center to break up the initial cast on color as well as to be used as a drawstring. The Neck Snuggler can be worn numerous different ways: 1) around the neck hanging down as a mobieus infinity scarf; 2) wrap twice around the neck as a cowl; and 3) around the neck hanging down and pull on the center drawstring to tighten it up to your neck at your own desired comfort. This choice is great for those motorcycle enthusiasts who ride in cooler weather as it can be easily adjusted if the temperatures get warmer.”
Ravelry: string2fabric

Deborah Tomasello from Croton on Hudson, New York

The Versatile Kenzie Kowl
“I love Kenzie! This yarn is all about soft, comfy texture. Achieve a great double-thick cowl that highlights the soft plush nature of the wool and its deep texture. I can submit only 3 photos, but I found at least a dozen different ways to wear the Kenzie Kowl. This pattern scratches so many knitting itches. It is knit in-the-round and closes with natural, handmade bone buttons. Twist it for a moebius before buttoning, or leave it flat showing the stockinette side or the bee-stitched side. Leave it unbuttoned and you have a scarf. Easy and fun!”
Ravelry: Deborah Tomasello Designs

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32 thoughts on “Challenge 3 Entries

  1. woo-hoo. the judges aren’t going to have an easy time choosing just one of these! all fabulous.

    being partial to cuffs, i especially like the inventiveness of all the options of the i-cord bracelets. cool.

  2. Oh my Megan, Victoria is stunning!!! And soooo jealous you get to keep your design. ;). btw, I just bought those shoes myself….we are in tune darlin’. :)

  3. Love the Twisted Tracks … I am a shawl knitter, so a shawl is the only thing I would knit from Kenzie, and it sounds the perfect shawl yarn.

    • Thank you! Agree this is the perfect shawl yarn. While I was knitting this I kept thinking about how it would look in lace. This blocked so easily, too – because of the different tensions between the cable section and garter section it was a lumpy, curvy mess before blocking, but straightened out beautifully with a wet block. I’m sure it would respond nicely to open work too.

  4. Beautiful Deborah. I’m curious about needle size, how many balls, etc. After knitting with this yarn I can tell that this piece is probably super cozy!

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